Tutorial Chapters

Chapters 1 & 2: Getting Started

Get started with Small Basic by reading this introduction and writing your first program!

Chapter 3: Variables

Learn how to add variables to your programs to store pertinent information. Write a program to perform simple calculations and to convert temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Chapter 4: Conditions and Branching

Learn how to utilize logic in your programs with if and else statements and branching. Write a program to determine if a number is even or odd.

Chapter 5: Loops

Learn how to use for and while loops to repeat sections of your program multiple times.

Chapter 6: Beginning Graphics

Learn how to add graphics to your program by drawing lines and simple shapes.

Chapter 7: Fun With Shapes

Write programs to generate interesting images such as fractals and paint splatters.

Chapter 8: Turtle Grapics

Learn how to animate a turtle. Write a program to have the turtle draw various shapes.

Chapter 9: Subroutines

Learn how to write a nameable and reusable section of code. Write a program to check if a number is prime.

Chapter 10: Arrays

Learn how to use arrays to store multiple variables together. Write a program to animate a grid.

Chapter 11: Events

Learn how to use events to allow users to interact with your program. Write a program to allow users to draw pictures.

Appendix A: Fun Samples

View a variety of interesting programs written with Small Basic. Get inspired with ideas for your own programs!

Appendix B: Colors

A list of named colors supported by Small Basic, categorized by their base hue.