Welcome to Small Basic!

Small Basic is the only programming language created specially to help students transition from block-based coding to text-based coding. By teaching the fundamental elements of syntax-based languages in an approachable manner, Small Basic gives students the skills and confidence to tackle more complex programming languages such as Java and C#. You can also build applications for Kinect, Lego Mindstorm, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Oculus Rift, and more using Small Basic.

From age 7 to 107, Small Basic is one of the easiest ways to learn to code.

Featured Programs

Collision Physics

Demonstrates object collisions using real world physics properties. Tweak properties like elasticity, gravity, etc. to see the effects.

Import ID = PMT149

Soko Ban

A Small Basic port of the famous SokoBan puzzle game. Quite possibly the most visually striking game built on Small Basic.

Import ID = SOKO


A faithful port of the famous Tetris game, this is the most popular and the most downloaded program on Small Basic.

Import ID = TETRIS

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    These are the October 2018 challenges from Roshan Kumar Priya. We're also continuing the September 2018 challenges here: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/0059173a-594e-4da4-afa6-e9c6ac9241fa/challenge-of-the-month-september-2018?forum=smallbasic These October challenges are intended for people who are learning to program for the first time or for those returning to programming who want to start using Small Basic.  Some will be ...

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    UPDATED: 10/18/18 Our progress continues! This is our next release on the Small Basic Website. See our July (last) release here: Announcement: Welcome to Small Basic Website 2.0 A big thank-you goes out to our 2018 Hackathon website team: Casey Schaertl, Chandler Baker, Juan Tian, Brooke Chang, Elena Escalas, Aayushi Modi, ...

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    Over in the September Challenges: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/0059173a-594e-4da4-afa6-e9c6ac9241fa/challenge-of-the-month-september-2018?forum=smallbasic   LitDev offered this Graphics Challenge: 2] Draw a snail shell, starfish or anemone.   And the community has responded! Let's see the community contributions to this challenge!   This first snail comes from Roshan Kumar Priya (age 12): Hi all. This is my ...

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